WELCOME to the Reblooming Iris Society!

Envision beautiful irises that bloom again after their spring blossom. These irises are called “rebloomers.”

Reblooming irises bloom in the spring like most other irises. But rebloomers feature a second or more frequent bloom periods in the same year.

Rebloomers are perennials that grow everywhere in the United States and southern Canada. Different varieties grow in cold environments, such as the northern U.S. and southern Canada. And, yes, rebloomers are perennials even in hot environments, such as Phoenix and southern New Mexico.

Usually, reblooming irises bloom twice in a year, frequently in late summer and early fall before a hard freeze. In warm climates, others bloom even more than twice in a year.

Different varieties are better suited to different parts of the U.S. and Canada. This is especially critical when buying varieties for very cold climates. Before buying irises, first determine what specific “plant zone” you live in. The plant zone for your location can easily be determined on the internet by searching "plant zone" and using your zip code. Some commercial growers and the Reblooming Iris Society publication “Checklist of Reblooming Iris” offer guidance in selecting varieties for cooler climates that match your plant zone.

Membership Benefits

As a member, you will receive two digital editions of the The Reblooming Iris Recorder each year. It contains many color photos, data on when varieties actually bloom in different plant zones, regional news, research, and notes about their personal experiences.


We are always recruiting folks to record blooms in their areas. The forms are very easy to fill out and located under “Bloom Records.”


The Reblooming Iris Society (RIS) was organized in 1967, and is a section of the American Iris Society. RIS promotes the interest and development of all irises which bloom more than once per year. It is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Before the Reblooming Iris Society was organized, a group of people was dedicated to research, breeding, and improvement of reblooming irises. Edwin Rundlett of Staten Island, New York, headed this group. He served as editor-in-chief of “The Reblooming Iris Reporter,” which was first published in January of 1962. After the formation of the RIS, the first edition of “The Reblooming Iris Recorder” was printed in August of 1967.