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As a member you receive The Reblooming Iris Recorder (RIR).  It contains articles about what has rebloomed, regional news, research, notes of personal experience and some advertising.  You normally will receive two (2) Recorders per year.

An additional benefit for those members who have provided us with their Email address will be a Fourth of July electronic newsletter containing more helpful and timely information. 

We also have available the 2012 Checklist of Reblooming Irises which contains information on all irises reported to rebloom and location with USDA zones where reported (over 2200 varieties).  It is available in spiral bound and CD editions and can be ordered.  Click on the Activities button. 

Also available is a CD with two PowerPoint presentations of Tall Bearded Irises reported to rebloom in USDA Zones 4 - 8 and USDA Zone 1 - 3.  This is another must have.  Please visit the Activities page.

Commercial sources for reblooming irises are listed in the Reblooming Iris Recorder and on this web site. 

For Membership dues for the Reblooming Iris Society are listed on the printable application form. 

For Membership:  Mail your CHECK and a copy of the APPLICATION FORM To:

  Reblooming Iris Society
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PLEASE NOTE:  Returned copies of Reblooming Iris Recorder will be re-mailed at an Additional Charge of $1.50 or more U.S.

PLEASE keep your Address Information, including Email, up-to-date with the Membership Chair.  This entitles paid members to receive periodic electronic newsletters at no additional cost.  You can check to see when your membership expires by looking at your mailing label.