The following information was retrieved from the Spring 2003, Volume 6, p 13 of The Reblooming Iris Recorder, article entitled "A History of the Iris" with contribution by John Weiler, a past president of RIS.

Before organization of the Reblooming Iris Society, there was a group of peple dedicated to research, breeding and improvement of reblooming irises.  It was headed by Edwin Rundlett of Staten Island, New York who served as editor-in-chief of a publication, The Reblooming Reporter, issued twice a year beginning with issue No. 1 in January, 1962.  Although no officers were indicated, Edwin Rundlett as editor-in-chief had additional editoria staff including G. Percy Brown*, David J. Flesh*, William G. McGarvey*, Elizabeth Reneau, and Raymond G. Smith*.  This arrangement remained through No. 11, February, 1967.

* deceased

RIS Presidents

RIS Editors

Lloyd Zurbrigg* 1967-1970 Edwin Rundlett* 1962-1971
Robert P. Hubley* 1971 Rosalie Yerkes Figge* 1978-1983
Wynnaline Stinson* 1972-1973 No Editor 1984-1986 & 1987
Charles Applegate 1974 Clarence E. Mahan* & Marian Schmuhl
Richard E. Gibson* 1975-1977 as Guest Editors 1986 combined with
Lloyd Zurbrigg* 1977-1981 The Medianite
James L. Ennenga* 1981-1984  
Virginia (Matthews) Keyser 1984-1987 Mike Lowe* 1987-1993
John Weiler* 1987-1991 Mike & Nina Moller 1993-1996
Howard Brookins* 1991-1993 Mike & Shelley Moller 1996 (one issue)
John Weiler* 1993-1996 Kathy Guest 1996-1997 & 1999
Rosalie Yerkes Figge* 1996-1999 Ginny Spoon 1997-1998
Charlie Brown 1999-2002 Lana & Steve Barotta 2000 (one issue)
Clarence E. Mahan* 2002-2005 Seanne Perry 2000-2002
Barbara Aitken 2005-2008 Robin Shadlow 2002-2007
Ken Roberts 2008-2011 Carol Buchheim 2007-
Dana Brown 2011-2014  
Riley Probst 2014-