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Zone Name of Iris Hybridizer Yr Description
  TANG FIZZ Annand 93 white over apricot orange with white edge
  TAURUS Slamova r
in commerce since 1961 - light crimson red over deep velvety red -- SA
5 TEA LEAVES Byers 86 greenish tan S, violet F, blue B tipped gold, ruffled
  TEMPERATURE Maryott 91 tan rimmed honey over violet 1/2" tan band
6 TENDERLY Nearpass/C&P 00 flared ivory white with pink and yellow infusions extending from tangerine beads
88 plum burgundy S, white ground stitiched plum on edges of F, bronze B  AM 1993
  TEST PATTERN Ghio 90 burnt gold over gold ground maroon red
  TEXAS NIGHT Williams 98 light purple over purple
6 THEN AGAIN Byers 89 blue violet with blue beards tipped yellow-orange
  THREE SEASONS Sutton 94 ruffled white falls veined verdigris
  THUNDER MOUNTAIN Schreiner 89 deep royal blue purple self
9 TIME AND AGAIN Hager 91 icy blue with yellow beards
  THROB Weiler 91 dark cadmium yellow
  TOTAL RECALL Hager 92 light toned yellow over white edged yellow
4 TOUCH OF SPRING Applegate 72 white S stippled violet, white F edged violet
  TRECCIA D'ORO Bianco 00 creamy veined yellow over cream
  TRICK OR TREAT Osborne 84 ruffled purple SA
  TUDOR RUFFLES Zurbrigg 01 violet blue plicata on white
6 TWICE DELIGHTFUL Innerst 89 blue with tangerine beards
9 TWICE THRILLING Osborne 84 peach pink with tangerine beards, purple horns and spoons
  TWICE TOLD Maryott 84 flesh to light beige over medium red maroon
  TWILIGHT FANCIES Zurbrigg 01 pale blue violet over deep blue violet
  UNBELIEVABLE Grise 98 violet blue self, falls blending to dark blue violet
6 UNCHAINED MELODY Mahan 99 ruffled white self with flaring falls; white beards tipped yellow
  VANILLA ROUGE Barnard 95 pearly white self, F washed pink
8 VANITY Hager 75 ruffled pale pink DM 1982
  VICTORIA FALLS Schreiner 77 uniform light to medium blue, white spot on falls
  VINTNER Smith, M 96 black garnet self, darker rim on falls
  VIOLET CLASSIC Zurbrigg 76 medium spectrum violet, F slightly deeper
  VIOLET MIRACLE Zurbrigg 76 near spectrum violet
  VIOLET MUSIC Mahan 91 medium violet with white blaze on F
6 VIOLET REPRISE Moores 93 ruffled red violet with spray pattern around white beards
4 VIOLET RETURNS Hall 88 dark violet, yellow B tipped white
  VIOLET TURNER Lauer 99 violet over dark violet with lighter violet rim
  WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS Moores 88 solid green yellow over gold band on white ground
  WAVES OF GRAIN Byers/Dickey 94 medium golden yellow self, darker haft veining
  WELCOME DISCOVERY Brendel 01 dark naples yellow, falls with white haft markings
  WELCOME HOME Nilsen 93 brown and wine red on yellow ground plicata
6 WHITE REPRISE Moores 86 white with white B tipped yellow
8 WINDS OF CHANGE Hager 93 ruffled and fluted light sky blue with white beards
5 WINESAP Byers 90 deep velvety wine-red S, wine black F, red black B
5 WINTERLAND Byers 89 heavily ruffled white, violet beards tipped yellow HM 1994
  WINTER QUEEN Holk 95 lavender self with same colored streaks
5 WITCH OF ENDOR Miller 77 black crimson, white at hafts, yellow beards
5 WRIGHT FLYER Wright 92 white S with faint purple-violet base, F purple-violet with white at white B
  YOUTH DEW Zurbrigg 80 palest violet self
  ZEBRA NIGHT Kasperek 98 dark violet leaves and stalks, variegata green and white
  ZIGGY Keyser 00 straw yellow over ivory ground with bright purple splashes
8 ZURICH Byers 90 ruffled white with white beards tipped yellow (Photo by Bill Burleson)