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Zone Name of Iris Hybridizer Yr Description
6 SAXON Byers 90 creamy light yellow
9 SCANDRIA DELIGHT Schreiners 89 ruffled, pale sapphire blue, lighter in center, white beards, HM 1992
  SCORPIO STAR Moores 96 medium violet purple, white spot around beard
  SEA DOUBLE Smith, R 71 blue self
5 SEA FLUFF Smith, R 94 light blue, yellow B tipped white
6 SEA WORLD Byers 90 light blue with pale green in center of falls, blue/yellow beards
  SEASONS Weiler 92 pale peachy yellow over medium peachy orange
6 SECOND ACT Byers 91 medium yellow S, F same with lighter center, blue B tipped yellow
  SECOND FIDDLE Maryott 98 light lavender over deep velvety maroon
  SECOND LOOK Muhlestein 70 peach-pink self
  SECOND WIND Byers 89 ruffled blue white
  SEPTEMBER FROST Sutton 98 ruffled white self tinted lavender
5 SEPTEMBER REPLAY Jones/Lowe 92 lightly frilled golden tan S, white F with cinnamon, tangerine-orange B
5 SIGN OF LEO Zurbrigg 76 dark violet S and darker F, bronze B
4 SIGN OF VIRGO Zurbrigg 91 white S touched violet at tips, F white violet edge, yellow B
6 SILVER DIVIDENDS Zurbrigg 91 iridescent silvery white, white beards
5 SILVER SCREEN Byers 88 ruffled silvery white, white B tipped yellow
  SISTER MIRIAM SINGS Miller, B 94 lemon yellow self, white spot below B
  SKOOKUMCHUCK Gibson, J 83 red purple plicata on orange apricot ground
  SKY QUEEN Craig, F 62 campanula blue self
  SLAP STICK Meek 98 peach over light violet with narrow peach rim
6 SNOW IN SUMMER Cross 94 fluted white self with gold beards
6 SNOW PARASOL Spoon 99 brilliant snow white self with flared falls, ruffled, EC
5 SOAP OPERA Ghio 82 pale green S, pale violet F, tan B, ruffled, HM 1984
  SOLSTICE Weiler 92 ruffled medium blue
6 SONATA IN BLUE Smith, R 94 ruffled violet blue
  SPACE PIRATE Byers/Dickey 95 deep gold over deep gold with electric violet wash
6 SPEED LIMIT Lauer 92 med blue S with white spot, med blue F, white B, AM 1996
  SPEEDING AGAIN Lauer 98 light purple self with white central flash
  SPICY TWIST Flint 97 medium copper over dark copper
4 SPIRIT OF MEMPHIS Zurbrigg 77 ruffled and heavily laced brilliant medium yellow self, yellow beards HM 1980
5 ST. PETERSBURG Byers 90 heavily ruffled silver white, light violet blue beards tipped yellow
  STAR GATE Wilkerson 05 medium blue violet S, darker F, B white tipped bronze
  STARSHIP Byers 89 ruffled white, yellow hafts - SA
6 STELLAR LIGHTS Aitken 86 deep blue violet with white spot around white beards, HM 1988
6 STINGRAY Byers 89 violet blue, darker F, blue B tipped yellow, long violet horns, heavy ruffles
  STONEWASHED Borglum 95 light blue with white and dark blue streaks
6 SUGAR BLUES Zurbrigg 85 wisteria blue, white beards, tangerine in throat, very fragrant
6 SUKY Mahan 88 S white flushed light violet, F. medium violet with large white area under white beards, AM 1991
  SUMMER FROST McMillen 86 pale blue fading to frosty white
5 SUMMER HOLIDAYS Zurbrigg 79 blue violet self, yellow beards
4 SUMMER OLYMPICS Smith, R 80 green yellow S, white F. yellow hafts, orange B, ruffled
  SUMMER STAR Nicholson 00 soft violet over velvety deep violet black
7 SUMMER SURF Moores, W 91 pale lavender S, darker lavendar violet F, pale yellow B tipped white
  SUNMASTER Maryott 95 lemon yellow over white with 3/8" lemon yellow rim
6 SUNNY DISPOSITION Zurbrigg 91 bright yellow, yellow beards
4 SUNNY SHOULDERS Hager 90 white with yellow in upper third of falls, HM 1994
  SUNRISE IN EDEN Miller, B 93 ruffled apricot pink
  SWEETHEART RING Spoon, D 97 creamy yellow over white, narrow bright yellow border
9 SYLVAN Byers 90 silvery violet with violet horns, ruffled
  SYLVIA ANN Borglum 01 near white over blue violet, white around beard