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Zone Name of Iris Hybridizer Yr Description
4 QUEEN DOROTHY Hall 84 white ground with violet plicata edges, yellow beard tipped white, lightly ruffled, HM 1987
  RADIANT BLISS Wilkerson 05 grayed orange S, veined beetroot, white ground F edged beetroot with bright gold overlay
  RAFA Spoon, D 97 ruffled lavender blue short white rays around beard
  RASPBERRY FROST Sutton 01 raspberry on white plicata
  RAVEN'S RETURN Weiler 97 dark violet over blackish violet
5 RAVENWOOD Lowry 71 large black with smooth texture
6 REBOUND Wilkerson 96 grayed red S, cream F overlaid grayed red, gold B
7 RECONSIDERED Cross 98 pale yellow S, white F edged yellow, yellow B
  RECURRING DREAM Hager 93 medium purple self
  RECURRING FANTASY Lauer 00 ruffled aster violet, white markings around beard
  RECURRING RUFFLES Hager 90 ruffled deep blue violet
  REDELTA Smith, R 94 washed purple over purple on white
  RED MANTLE Slamova 99 in commerce since 1961 - dark carmiine red
  RED GRAPES Zurbrigg 76 red with some blending of violet and brown
  RED REVIVAL Preston 77 pinkish bronze over rosy red
  REINCARNATION Byers 89 ruffled medium mulberry, pink at haft
  REMARKABLE Smith, R 94 golden tan lighter around beard
4 REMEMBER SPRING Hager 86 fluted lavender, tangerine beards
6 RENOWN Zurbrigg 92 large oyster white self, yellow B
  RETURN ADDRESS Ghio 00 orange over white with orange band
6 RETURNING CHAMELEON Wilkerson 95 pale lavender S, white to pale pink F, ruffled, white B
  RETURNING ROSE Maryott 98 pinkish orchid over pinksh orchid plicata yellow ground
  RETURN OF INNOCENCE Sutton 01 ruffled white with butterfly blue cast
  RETURN TO SENDER Ghio 00 cyclamen purple with cream striations
  ROCK STAR Byers 91 apricot ground with red violet plicata markings, red orange beards, flounces and spoons, HM 1994
  ROMANTIC EVENING Ghio 96 lilac blue over blackish red purple
6 RONEY'S ENCORE Spoon, D 97 light peachy yellow self with orange B
  ROSALIE FIGGE McKnew 93 violet over dark violet, white spray around beard AM 1999
  ROSE TEALL Holk 95 light grayed magenta rose, F darker
  ROTUNDA Byers 91 deep violet with reddish violet falls
  ROYAL COURTSHIP Hager 01 ruffled purple, falls lighter
  ROYAL SUMMER Applegate 71 deep purple with velvety overlay, yellow beards tipped blue