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Zone Name of Iris Hybridizer Yr Description
  NEXT IN LINE Sutton 01 white veined amethyst violet over 3/8" edge over white ground
  NORDICA Maryott 92 ruffled white with red beard AM 1998
  NORTHERN FLAME Byers 90 icy blue white
4 NORTHWARD HO Zurbrigg 91 white ground with strawberry plicata markings on edges, pale yellow B
  NOW AND LATER Zurbrigg 72 salmon pink self
  OASIS RED Chadwick/
01 ruffled and laced rose red
8 OCEAN PACIFIC Ghio 88 medium blue self
  OCTOBER Byers 89 gold over bronzy golden brown
  OCTOBER SKY Lauer 00 white with blue cast over wisteria blue
  OFF BROADWAY Moores 92 deep gold over maroon plicata with cream to white ground
  OKLAHOMA CRUDE Black 89 dark purple over velvety black
  OLYMPIC RINGS Moores 90 white self with golden yellow halo of falls
6 ONCE AGAIN Weiler 98 large light blue with cream beards
  ORANGE HARVEST Jones, B 88 bright medium orange with red beard
  ORCHID CLOUD Applegate 74 white over orchid with blue blend on edge
9 PAGAN GODDESS Miller, L 94 creamy peach pink S, full peach pink F, white B tipped tangerine HM 1997
  PALISSANDRO Bianco 98 old rose over wine with white veined throat
  PAPRIKA FONO'S Nelson 87 cayenne red-brown on yellow ground
6 PEACH BERRY SWIRL Spoon, D 01 peach-pink S, creamy white ground on F splashed with violet
  PEACH JAM Ensminger 89 S & F streaked and splashed purple and mauve
  PEARL AMELIA Seibert 01 pale violet aging to pure white
6 PEARLS OF AUTUMN Hager 93 creamy pearl S, white F deeper hafts, self B
  PENNY LANE Lauer 99 saffron yellow over cadmium orange
  PEPPER BLEND Moores 77 dark red S, plicata F with dark red-brown, blending to yellow-white
4 PERFUME COUNTER Zurbrigg 72 bright violet self, yellow beards
4 PINK ATTRACTION Hall 88 ruffled light pink, orange beards
5 PINKNESS Byers 89 medium pink, orange pink beards
6 PLATINUM Byers/Dickey 94 silver white self, white beards
4 POLAR KING Donahue 39 white self with yellow tones
  POLISH PRINCESS Cadd 00 soft yellow over yellow - lavender peach blend
  POORMAN DeRose 00 silvery gray over blended violet and whte
  PORCELIAN FRILLS Hager 93 glazed procelain white chartreuse yellow haft
7 PRECIOUS HARVEST Spoon 97 ruffled and lightly laced bright yellow self with lighter zonal below darker yellow beards, wide
  PRISCILLA OF CORINTH Miller, B 94 ruffled and laced light pinkish pink
  PRINCESS PITTY PAT Tompkins 95 ivory over dark ivery with heliotrope border
  PROGRSSIVE ATTITUDE Innerst 92 white self with narrow stitched blue edge
8 PURE AS GOLD Maryott 93 heavily ruffled smooth deep gold, gold beards
6 PURPLE MAGIC Spoon 97 flaring and ruffled dark purple self with purple B tipped yellow