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Zone Name of Iris Hybridizer Yr Description
  MABEL ANDREWS Zurbrigg 83 pink self
  MAGICAL ENCOUNTER Schreiner 99 deep shrimp pink
5 MAGIC MEMORIES Clack/Nichols 73 ruffled and fluted deep yellow self, orange and white beards
7 MANY HAPPY RETURNS Hager 87 lavender S, purple F
  MARIPOSA AUTUMN Tasco 99 rose violet over rosy violet band on white ground
  MARIPOSA SKIES Tasco 96 pale blue over medium blue violet
8 MARY ELLEN NICHOLS Nichols 90 oyster-gold S, wine F edged lavender, HM 1992
4 MATRIX Hall 91 cream S, cinnamon veins, near white F, cinnamon hafts, white beards tipped cream
7 MESMERIZER Byers 91 ruffled white, tangerine red B, frilly white flounces ending in pale green button pom poms
  MIDNIGHT CALLER Byers 90 silky deep purple over velvety blackish purple
  MIDNIGHT MINK Cadd 01 ruffle velvety deep burgundy purple
  MIGHTY COOL Blyth 02 white over blended lavender blue
  MIL BYERS Byers/Dickey 97 peach self
  MISS PORTERVILLE Sutton 98 ruffled deep velvety plum purple self
  MISTY LADY Sides 94 pale lavender over blue violet
4 MISTY TWILIGHT Byers 88 heavily ruffled pale blue violet, blue beards tipped yellow
4 MOTHER EARTH Hager 89 oyster S tinted lavender, lavender F, pale blue white B
  MOTHER EVE SMILES Miller, B 91 light yellow over white w/ yellow edge
  MT. SINAI AFLAME Miller, B 93 garnet crimson with scarlet highlights
  MULBERRY ECHO Maryott 97 ruffled cerise maroon
  MY FRIEND JOHNATHAN Miller, B 94 fuchsia and brick blend veined chocolate
7 MYSTERY BLUSH Sides, G 99 heavily ruffled light blush pink, pink beards tipped blue