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Zone Name of Iris Hybridizer Yr Description
7 I DO Zurbrigg 74 white with slight yellow and violet cast, white beards tipped yellow
  I REPEAT Robert, J 98 ruffled medium blue-violet - white blaze on falls
  I SPY Zurbrigg 71 blend brown/violet S, blend dark red/violet F and veins
8 ICELAND Byers 91 snow white S, pale glacial blue F, white B tipped yellow
5 ILLINI REPEATER Varner, S 72 plum red plicata on cream ground
7 IMMORTALITY Zurbrigg 82 ruffled pure white, white beard
  INNOCENT STAR Sutton 99 white washed beetroot over yellow and white ground
5 IN RETROSPECT Smith, R 92 lavender purple S, white ground F stitched lavender purple on edge; yellow B
5 INVITATION Schreiners 82 white pink S, apricot F, tangerine B
  IRON EAGLE Sutton 00 off white over pale lavender white SA
5 ISTANBUL Byers 90 warm white F with yellow hafts, clear yellow S overlaid with purple stripes
5 JEAN GUYMER Zurbrigg 76 ruffled apricot pink, tangerine beards, spathes stay green
  JENNIFER REBECCA Zurbrugg 85 ruffled and laced rose pink
  JESSE'S EDITION Sutton 99 blue purple over white with 5/8" purple edge
6 JESSE'S SONG Williamson 83 white ground methyl violet plicata, lemon beards tipped blue-white, DM 1990
6 JOAN'S PLEASURE Zurbrigg 92 brownish blend S, lavender F, yellow B, heavily ruffled
  JUICY FRUIT Byers 89 light pink to pale apricot over pale apricot
5 JULY SUNSHINE Brown, GP 65 pale yellow self
  JUNGLE CAT Byers 91 orange toned peach pink over light orange
9 KEVIN'S THEME Kerr 93 ivory yellow wiht blue-violet flush in center of S, blue-white F, yellow B tipped blue, HM 1997
  KISS ME TWICE Maryott 01 heavily ruffled deep salmon pink
9 KISS OF KISSES Kerr 97 lemon yellow S and style arms, white F with red edge and lightening to form a 1" band
6 LADY ESSEX Zurbrigg 90 white with violet markings, yellow B
9 LADY FRIEND Ghio 81 garnet red with red beards, AM 1985
  LADY JANE Lauer 01 light violet S, F with light salmon rim, purple shoulder patterning burnt orange
  LADY JEAN Burns 97 rosy violet over white with rosy violet border
  LAKE REPRISE Moores 90 medium blue violet
5 LAS VEGAS Byers 89 cream tan S, lemon cream F with red violet edge and hafts
00 blue white over violet with lavender blue edge
5 LATE LILAC Niswonger 74 lilac self, red beards
  LATEST STYLE Zurbrigg 79 light lavender S, darker lavender F with central line
9 LATIN HIDEAWAY Nichols 86 lavender S, wiine red F edged tan violet, orange B ruffled, AM 1990
  LEGENDS OF FALL Sutton 99 violet purple over white with purple wash
4 LEMON DUET Smith, R 78 white S, F rimmed green yellow, gold B, ruffled
  LEMON MAGIC Williams 99 ruffled lemon yellow self
5 LEMON REFLECTION Smith, R 92 heavily ruffled brilliant greenish yellow, yellow beards
  LIBRA STAR Moores 99 ruffled medium violet blue, white spot on falls
  LICHEN Byers 89 light gray infused light green
  LIGHTNING STRIKE Lange 97 violet over velvety purple violet
5 LIGHT REBUFF Smith, R 92 pale orange yellow with slight pink cast; green veining, yellow B
  LIGHTLY SEASONED Zurbrigg 79 near white self
6 LILLA Spoon, D 00 fully flared and ruffled bright golden yellow self
6 LILLA'S GLOVES Spoon, D 97 ruffled medium violet with lavender interior
  LILLA'S STRIPES Spoon, D 97 plum lavender over white ground - plum lavender border stripes on  F
6 LILTING Byers 91 light green with brown veining on F, yellow B
  LORNA'S JUNEBUG Werner 01 white self with yellow hafts
  LOVELY FRAN Weiler 99 light blue violet over white stitched edge
6 LUMINOSITY Byers 91 canary yellow, ruffled, yellow beards