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Zone Name of Iris Hybridizer Yr Description
  GARDEN CLUB DELIGHT Zurbrigg 97 white with violet plicata markings
  GARDEN GRACE Zurbrigg 81 light violet plicata
6 GENTEEL Byers 91 heavily ruffled blue lilac, pale blue/yellow beards
7 GIBSON GIRL Gibson 46 pinkish mulberry peppered on cream
  GILDED Byers 89 light blue gray yellow at edge
5 GLACIER KING Carson 86 tailored glacial blue, pale yellow B
  GLADIATRIX Zurbrigg 03 reddish brown plicata
  GOLD BURST Palmer 80 ruffled white with bright gold at hafts
  GOLDEN ECTASY Schreiner 89 ruffled brilliant golden yellow
  GOLDEN ENCORE Jones, F 73 yellow self with small white blaze on falls
  GOLDEN GALAXY Weiler 92 ruffled dark yellow
  GOLDEN IMMORTAL Sutton 97 barium yellow over naples yellow
  GOLDEN ROAD Sutton 97 lemon yellow over aureolin yellow, gold veining
  GOLIATH'S MATE Zurbrigg 71 sea violet S, mineral violet F
  GOOD FAIRY Byers 89 creamy peach pink over paler flesh pink
  GRACE THOMAS Zurbrigg 82 heavily ruffled yellow self
  GRAPE ADVENTURE Jones, F 86 deep violet over dark violet - sunburse blaze
  GRAPE ECHO Pinegar 01 medium orchid self edged magenta
6 GRAPE REPRISE Moores 94 ruffled dark red violet with darker B
9 GREEN AND GIFTED Blyth 90 greenish champagne cream overlaid blue, old gold beards
4 HALLOWED THOUGHT Zurbrigg 77 white S, laced pale blue-violet F, yellow beards
  HALLOWEEN HALO Weiler 91 white with pale yellow border
  HAND PAINTED Byers 90 medium beetroot over beetroot blend
5 HAPPY NEW YEAR Byers 90 ruffled creamy white, violet dots, plicata markings, white/yellow beard
  HARVEST BUTTERFLY Kerr 01 yellow overlaid red violet plicata edge
4 HARVEST OF MEMORIES Zurbrigg 85 dresden yellow, yellow beards
5 HEART OF ICE Byers 89 blue white with violet streak down middle of F, blue B tipped yellow
  HEAVENLY BLISS Byers 89 ruffled and laced white
  HEAVENLY ENCORE Johnson 01 creamy yellow over lavender
5 HEMSTITCHED Hager 90 white stitched lavender/violet, blue white beards
  HER ROYAL HIGHNESS Byers 89 deep magenta violet
5 HIGH HO SILVER Byers 89 silver grey to white with tan hafts,  HM 1993
  HIGH IMPACT Sutton 98 white infused pale pink with brown
  HIGH POINT Sutton 99 white tinted pink over plum purple with 3/8" edge
  HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS Byers 89 medium purple with slightly deeper purple F
6 HOLY NIGHT Mohr 83 ruffled, rich velvety deep violet purple, deep purple beards, fragrant AM 1991