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Zone Name of Iris Hybridizer Yr Description
4 EARL OF ESSEX Zurbrigg 80 heavily veined and stippled orchid-violet on white, orange B, ruffled
6 EARL OF LEICESTER Zurbrigg 85 light blue plicata
  ECHO OF SPRING Price 13 rich blue, dark brown rim, style arms blue, brown infusion B yellow
  EGGNOG Byers 90 heavily ruffled golden yellow with small violet flash, gold beards
  ELAINEALOPE Kasperek 96 light lavender ground splashed reddish violet
  ENCHANTED ONE Ernst 94 bright golden yellow over light orchid lavender
4 ENGLISH COTTAGE Zurbrigg 76 pale blue stitiching on white ground, near white beards, very fragrant
  ENGLISH KNIGHT Sutton 99 dark pansy over black blended pansy
9 ENTERTAINER Sutton 99 shell pink and violet S, violet purple F edged lighter, pink spray pattern, orange B, ruffled
5 ETERNAL BLISS Byers 88 pale violet S, violet white F, tangerine B
  ETERNAL WALTZ Danielson 89 ruffled white with lavender cast
  EVERLYN WARLICK Wright 92 pale orange yellow with white signal
  EXTRA INNINGS Pinegar 97 egg yellow over cream white with yellow edge

6 FAITHFUL AND TRUE Spoon, D 98 ruffled pure white self with arching falls
4 FALL PROMISE Perey 53 yellow self
  FALL RERUN Hager 01 lightly ruffled medium blue violet
7 FALL SPOTLIGHT Moores 92 violet purple with large white spot surround light yellow B, ruffled
  FATAL ATTRACTION Kerr 96 medium blue over velvety blue black
4 FEED BACK Hager 83 medium violet, yellow beards
  FINAL EPISODE Blyth 02 lemon buff on brassy gold over violet
  FIRE ON ICE Weiler 90 ruffled laced warm white
6 FLOORSHOW Byers 89 silvery S, white F stitiched red purple
  FONDATION VAN GOGH Anfosso 90 creamy white over apricot
  FOREVER GOLD Sutton 97 aureolin yellow over darker aureolin yellow

  FOREVER IN LOVE Mahan 95 violet with prominent white zone S and F
  FOREVER YOURS Hager 93 clear white
9 FORT BRAGG Denney/
89 sky blue slightly darker F, yellow beards tipped with, HM 1991
  FRANCES IVA Zurbrigge 91 creamy yellow with brown violet plicata markings
8 FRAPPE Byers 90 strawberry pink, orange tangerine B
5 FREQUENT FLYER Gibson 94 ruffled white self, yellow beards
6 FROST ECHO Aitken 95 white opening pale lavender with zonal, ruffled
FROSTICO Gartman 92 creamy apricot over white with apricot rim