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Zone Name of Iris Hybridizer Yr Description
  CAFE BLEU Blyth 02 light blue
8 CANTINA Byers 90 medium red violet self bordered red violet
9 CARIBBEAN DREAM Schreiners 90 ruffled bue with white beards
8 CAROLINE GIBBS Byers 90 ruffled flesh/light apricot orange, red-orange beards
9 CAYENNE CAPERS Gibson 59 brownish red plicata
10 CEASE-FIRE Robert, S 80 lightly laced oyster white
6 CEE CEE Innerst 98 ice blue over dark blue
7 CELESTIAL HAPPINESS Miller, B 89 peach with soft pink overtones
7 CELESTIAL SUNSHINE Miller, B 89 vivid yellow self
8 CERDAGNE Segui 89 yellow over red purple with yellow edge

7 CERTAINLY CERTAINLY Benson 81 cinnamon over white wiht 1/4" cinnamon border
6 CHAMPAGNE ELEGANCE Niswonger 87 lavender pink S, light buff apricot F, amber B, AM 1991
6 CHASTE WHITE Zurbrigg 87 white self
5 CHEROKEE TEARS Hager 90 silken burnt red-brown, orchid-blue area below yellow beards
  CHILI PEPPER Holk 97 oxblood red plicata on white ground
  CHINESE EMPRESS Blyth 89 icy blue S, red violet-black F, plush finish, bronze B
  CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS Hager 92 medium blue self
  CIRCUS JEWEL Nichols-Albers 88 ruffled white stitched purple on edge
  CITY LIGHTS Dunn 91 deep violet blue white area around beard
5 CLARENCE Zurbrigg 91 white S tinted violet, light blue violet F, white center and hafts, cream beard, Wister 2000

6 CLOUD BALLET Fort 90 pale blue white with med blue edges, white beards, ruffled and heavily laced
  CLOUDCAP ON GALILEE Miller, B 94 ruffled white self
5 CLOUDLESS SUNRISE Niswonger 84 ruffled white with peach falls
6 COBRA'S EYE Spoon, D 00 flared reddish violet bitone with showy light blue beards
5 COLORWATCH Innerst 87 cream S, yellow F, burgundy trim
  COME WHAT MAY Ernst 96 cream apricot over berry plum
6 COMPETITION Smith, R 94 ruffled, white, orange beards, tipped white
  CORAL CHALICE Niswonger 83 white over salmon pink
4 CORAL CHARMER Wright 83 medium pink, tangerine beards
4 CORN HARVEST Wyatt 77 lightly ruffled intense yellow self, self beards, HM 1980

  COUNTRY RUSTIC William-Mohr 95 golden chocolate brown over chocolate brown
  CREATION TWILIGHT Miller, B 93 light lavender pale gold edge on falls
  CROSS STITCH Zurbrigg 73 white, mostly overlaid violet,  F- white with violet plicata stitching
5 CRUISE TO AUTUMN Lauer 01 lavender over lavender with cinnamon brown border
7 CRYSTAL HONEY Spoon 99 amber gold with white ray pattern around darker amber gold beards; ruffled

  DANCE FOR JOY Byers 92 salmon pink orchid blend, SA
8 DANTE'S INFERNO Moores 79 dark orange S, darker orange F, edged full orange
  DARK PASSAGE Pinegar 97 blackish maroon over near black maroon
8 DASHING Byers 91 deep purple S, F same infused reddish violet, lighter around blue B
6 DAUGHTER OF STARS Spoon, D 01 bluish purple bitone luminata with white veining and beards, purple spathes and buds
4 DAWN OF FALL Jensen 76 creamy yellow falls, tan hafts, purple haze, light gold beards
  DAYS OF SUMMER Stanek 02 barium yellow self
  DEB SUNSHINE Lineberger 00 golden yellow over cream white
  DECKER Jameson 01 mulberry on white ground plicata
  DESTRY RIDES AGAIN Gibson, R 95 brown over yellow tinted brown

6 DIAMOND BLUSH Spoon 98 diamond dusted pink-salmon blend with prominent darker veining on F, nasturtium red beards
  DIFFERENT DESIGN Sutton 98 golden yellow over ruby red on white ground
  DO IT AGAIN Holk 97 white with light lemon shoulders
  DORCAS LIVES AGAIN Miller, B 84 light lavender
  DOUBLE BUBBLE Ghio 98 azure blue self
  DOUBLE CHARM Sutton 97 amethyst violet over aster violet
  DOUBLE DAY Sutton 01 canary yellow over jasmine yellow
  DOUBLE DRIBBLE Ghio 00 white ground heavily lined and streaked dark blue
  DOUBLE OH SEVEN Sutton 99 ruffled hyacinth blue, SA
5 DOUBLE SCOOP Ghio 81 apricot S, blue violet F, HM 1985

  DOUBLE SHOT Sutton 00 white sanded and striped blue violet
  DOUBLE VISION Ghio 99 red wash on gold ground
5 DUKE OF EARL Byers 87 white ground plicata stitched red violet, cream beards
  DUNE SEA Spoon, D 99 rose over plum with prominent white ray pattern
  DUO DANDY Hager 99 blue white over medium blue