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Zone Name of Iris Hybridizer Yr Description
9 AARON'S DREAM Sutton 94 pale blue self
6 AGAIN AND AGAIN Innerst 99 medium yellow with white beards
8 ALL AMERICAN Byers 92 light blue S, white F, red B
8 ALL LIT UP Byers 92 white S, brilliant gold F
7 AMAIN Zurbrigg 83 white with golden hafts, gold in S and F
7 AMANDA ERIN Zurbrigg 85 orange apricot paler center of fall
7 AMERICA'S TEAM Moores 98 light lavender over purple violet
10 AMETHYST WINTER Richards 98 ruffled amethyst violet
7 ANGELIC WINGS Miller, B 91 lightly ruffled pale lavender blue, white beards, yellow orange in throat
  ANEW Zurbrigg 83 white with yellow hafts, yellow beards

9 ANXIOUS Hager 92 pale lilac with yellow beards
7 ASCII ART Moores 97 plicata with narrow blue violet stitched F edge
5 AUNT MARY Stanek 00 plicata - F. sanded blue violet, deeper edge
5 AUTUMN BUGLER Jones 86 dark purple with white/orange B
9 AUTUMN CIRCUS Hager 90 blue purple on white ground plicata, falls striped, HM 1994
9 AUTUMN CLOUDS Hager 90 lightly ruffled pale blue
9 AUTUMN ECHO Gibson, J 75 plicata yellow ground speckled garnet brown
9 AUTUMN ENCORE Mohr 77 red-purple S, white F marked purple, white/yellow B
  AUTUMN GRANDEUR Hager 93 medium blue violet
  AUTUMN HARBOR Sutton 93 wisteria blue over gentian blue

5 AUTUMN MISTS Jones, F 70 blue white self
9 AUTUMN SAPPHIRE Maryott 00 ruffled medium blue, falls slightly darker
9 AUTUMN THUNDER Sutton 00 violet blue over deep violet blue
9 AUTUMN TRYST Weiler 00 ruffled white ground, plicated, stitiched rose, HM 1997
7 AZURE REPRISE Moores 99 sky blue with yellow hafts

8 BARN DANCE Byers 91 light yellow S, yellow F peppered and sanded rose brown
6 BELVI CLOUD Jensen 88 white over amethyst violet
5 BELVI QUEEN Jensen 76 cinnamon S edged darker, yellow F white blaze, maroon styles
7 BERNICE'S LEGACY Miller, B 00 garnet S and F with brown hafts
3 BEST BET Schreiner 88 light blue S, darker blue F, gold B, AM 1993
8 BILLIONAIRE Byers 87 bright yellow gold
8 BLATANT Byers 90 yellow S, magenta F, yellow B
7 BLAZING SUNRISE Black 85 white over bright coppery orange
9 BLUE ANEW Hager 90 medium blue
9 BLUE CANDLE McCord 96 dark blue with light blue blaze on F

9 BLUE FIN Sutton 98 SA - wistaria blue
4 BLUE MOONLIGHT Byers 89 pale powder blue
5 BLUE REVIEW Smith 94 brilliant violet white area around B
7 BLUE SUEDE SHOES Schreiner 96 ruffled medium blue with yellow B
4 BOLDER BOULDER Magee 00 pinkish grey over purplish lilac
9 BONET Bianco 98 plum violet over violet with plum edge
9 BONUS LITE Sutton 98 white over white with gold shoulders
9 BONUS MAMA Hager 90 warm white with hint of yellow in throat, wide and ruffled
9 BOOMERANG Maryott 92 light apricot, falls flushed violet-maroon, ruffled
9 BOUNTIFUL HARVEST Hager 91 white ground violet purple plicata

8 BRASS HORN Barnard 95 brass over brass shaded antique brass
6 BRIDGE IN TIME Wilkerson 95 ruffled modern form white, white B tipped yellow in throat
9 BROADWAY Keppel 79 deep gold S, ivory white F, solid wide brown band, yellow-orange B
7 BROTHER CARL Zurbrigg 83 white, pale yellow B tipped blue
5 BROWN DUET Smith 71 yellow orange with darker falls
8 BUCKWHEAT Byers 89 creamy yellow S, darker F
9 BURGUNDY BROWN Gibson, J 79 greyed orange plicata on yellow ground
9 BYE BYE BLACKBIRD Sutton 00 ruffled black with violet infused edge