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Zone Name of Iris Hybridizer Yr Description
  CARELESS SALLY Shafer/Sacks 96 white over reddish violet
  CHARTREUSE BOUNTY McEwen 83 white over greenish yellow
  CREME CHANTILLY McEwen 81 pale cream
  DANDY'S HORNPIPE Shafer/Sacks 99 pale lavender over pale violet
  EARLY BLUEBIRD McEwen 70 blue self
  EVER AGAIN McEwen 92 blue self
  GLOW OF HAPPINESS Miller 94 white over light yellow
  HARBOR MIST Waite 83 light violet blue
HARPSWELL PRELUDE McEwen 94 medium violet blue over darker
  HELICOPTER Shidara 88 violet - 6 falls
  HELIOTROPE BOUQUET Hollinworth 86 light mauve over light mid-mauve
  LUCKY LILAC McEwen 88 lavender pink with white signal
  MY LOVE Scheffy 48 light blue-violet
  OTEPOPO HONEY Harris 97 white over pale yellow
  PINK HAZE McGarvey 80 pink self
  PURPLE SAND Miller 91 light violet with falls veined darker
  REDDY OR NOT Aitken 01 wine red with white signal
  REPRISE Warburton 87 violet with darker fall vein and white signal
  RUBY RUBY Worel 99 dark ruby red with small yellow signal
  SLIGHTLY ENVIOUS Miller 95 creamy white w/green lines over creamy white
  SEA OF DREAMS Shafer/Sacks 00 blue with darker veining
  SPRINGS BROOK Warburton 88 white over dark blue violet
  SUMMER REVELS Shafer/Sacks 99 light canary yellow over yellow
  WHITE PRELUDE McEwen 93 white over creamy white with yellow signal