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Zone Name of Iris Hybridizer Yr Description
9 ALENE'S OTHER LOVE W. Dean 94 lavender pink S.; greyed orange F., small white starburst under lavender beards
9 AURORALITA Weiler 90 light yellow S. stippled lavender, pale yellow F. pales blue-violet beards; MM 1994
6 AUTUMN EMBER Chapman 96 bright yellow S. red brown F. then yellow edge and steak below yellow beards
6 AUTUMN JESTER Chapman 00 purple self
9 AUTUMN MAPLE Weiler 92 medium pinkish orange S, slight darker F, dark orange B HM 1996
9 BABY BELLE Lauer 98 blue violet plicata
7 BABY BLESSED Zurbrigg 79 light yellow with small white spot on falls; Cook Douglas Medal 1989
8 BABY BOOM Byers 90 pale yellow S, med yellow F, white beards tipped yellow ; HM 1994
8 BABY CAKES Byers 89 white/gold
7 BABY PRINCE Byers 95 violet self with violet beards tipped yellow

9 BABY TEARS Weiler 80 warm white S, yellow base, light yellow falls, white beards tipped yellow; HM 1982
8 BE HAPPY Aitken 90 blue-white S, yellow F, blue beards tipped white; HM 1994
  BLISSED OUT Blyth 98 pastel pink
9 BLITZ Weiler 88 brilliant yellow with dark yellow beards, HM 1992
6 BLUEBERRY TART Chapman 02 bue/red tan
7 CIMARRON ROSE Nichols 90 ruffled grey red blend, tan grey red falls deeer spot, brown blue beards, AM 1994
9 CAUTION SIGN Sutton 96 yellow/gold
8 CINDERS Byers 89 deep violet S, F. have red under glow, blue beards
7 COMEBACK TRAIL Nichols 91 yellow S, cream F, edged gold, ruffled, AM 1995
9 CORNHUSKER AUTUMN Weiler 97 medium yellow

8 CRY BABY Ritchie 84 light bue S, olive-yellow hafts, chartreuse yellow F, deep violet B tipped yellow
8 DARK CRYSTAL Byers 88 deep wine purple S, wine black F, med blue violet B, HM 1992
8 DARKLING Byers 89 dark violet bitone, blue beards
9 DOUBLE BYTE Sutton 97 lemon yellow
8 EVER READY Byers 91 light yellow with red wash on falls
9 EXTRA CHARM Weiler 90 medium blue violet with darker spot pattern around blue violet beards
9 FLOWER SHOWER Weiler 90 dark red violet, violet beards; HM 1993
6 FOREVER BLUE Chapman 97 tiny blue everbloomer
8 FRANKINCENSE Byers 89 gold S, red maroon with gold hafts and edges; ruffled
6 GIGGLER Spoon, D 01 wide, ruffled light blue-green with light green spot on falls

9 GLITTER BIT Weiler 97 old gold
8 GOLDEN CHILD Byers 89 mid light yellow S, F same with light golden center, orange/white beards
9 GOLDEN GLOBE Sutton 99 yellow
7 GOLDEN GLOVES Dyer 00 yellow
9 GOLDEN VIOLET Weiler 93 golden bronze S, darker F, dark violet beards, striking color
  GRANDMA AMANDA Ohrstrom 60 purple with white veins on falls
8 GRAPE CORDIAL Aitken 00 grape purple
8 GRAY POUPON Byers 89 greenish mustard with violet styles
8 HAVEN Byers 91 blue S, medium green F with blue green trim
8 HOT Byers 90 bright yellow-gold S, rich red brown F edged yellow gold, yellow B

9 INDIAN BEAUTY Weiler 91 yellow brown with brown violet infusion, bright blue beards
  INDIAN JEWEL Brown, A 74 white S, turquiose blue F blending to white at edge; white beards; HM 1975
  INKLING Byers/Dickey 95 white ground plicata, S marked purple, F marked deep blue purple, yellow beards
9 IRISH CHANT Sutton 01 chartreuse yellow
4 JEWEL BABY Hall 84 dark purple mid-violet; AM 1989
  JEWEL OF JAKARTA Vizvarie 98 dark lavender
  KIWI SLICES Niswonger 90 chartruse with burgundy spot
6 LIMESICLE Chapman 00 pale green self
9 LITTLE BISHOP Weiler 84 violet with bright blue beards
9 LITTLE BLUE EYES Weiler 93 med yellow with darker spot on F, lavender blue beards AM 98

9 LITTLE BLUETS Weiler 92 tailored blue self, cream beards
  LITTLE SAPPHIRE Price 63 light blue self
5 LITTLE SHOWOFF Hall 89 lightly waved and ruffled pale icy blue, lavender blue beards
9 LITTLE VIOLET CHARM Sutton 97 plum purple
7 MARITA Zurbrigg 89 white S, white F, overlaid chartreuse veins, green-yellow B
9 MILANO Maryott 96 yellow/maroon
9 MINI BUSY Weiler 89 white bordered bue violet plicata, cream beards
9 MINI NIGHT Weiler 92 light yellow S, darker F. lavender blue beards
9 NEGRA MODELA Sutton 99 black-violet blend
6 OXFORD TWEEDS Spoon, D 01 tannish golden yellow with maroon spot on falls

9 PINK FAWN Weiler 93 buff pink, F veined darker, soft blue beards, tangerine in throat
9 PLUM WINE Weiler 86 plum S, violet F, red violet B AM 1991
9 PRETTY AGAIN Sutton 97 greenish yellow
6 PRETTY GIRL Spoon, D 01 ruffled, bright white with golden yellow beard and hafts
6 PRINCE PELE Spoon, D 01 intense golden yellow self with darker golden yellow beards
9 PRINCESS BLUE EYES Sutton 96 yellow - greenish
9 RAINBOW RIM Spoon, D 01 wide, ruffled bright yellow S, lavender blue falls edged bright yellow, maroon spot on falls
9 RAINBOW SHERBET Weiler 88 light yellow S, apricot F, light blue B, HM 1992
9 RECURRENT EVENT Lauer 98 blue on yellow plicata
9 REFINED Weiler 97 ivory yellow

9 REHASH Sutton 98 yellow / white
9 REPLEAT Weiler 80 light blue plicata
6 RUBY ERUPTION Chapman, C 97 yellow ground plicata marked ruby red; cream beards tipped orange red; ruffled
6 SENECA REBOUND Borglum 99 white
7 SERENITY PRAYER Dyer 89 creamy white
  SILK AND VELVET Willott 92 dark violet
  SLICK TRICK Craig 97 medium blue self
8 SMELL THE ROSES Byers 88 violet blue, violet beards tipped blue AM 1994
  SOUTHLAND Sass 34 dark yellow self
8 SPARKPLUG Byers 89 medium light blue violet S, red violet F with radiating lines from wide blue beards

6 STAR PRINCE Spoon, D 01 wide and ruffled purple-black self
  SUN DOLL Jones, B 86 ruffled medium yellow, yellow beards, Cook Douglas Medal 1992
9 SUNSTRIP Weiler 86 bright yellow S, burgundy F edged yellow, HM 1989
8 TANTALIZING TIDBIT Cross 98 blue washed green gold S, lighter blue F with gold rim
9 TART Hager-Byers 91 orange S, tannish orange F, tangerine orange beards
9 THIRD CHARM Weiler 81 medium blue violet, darker spot HM 1986
9 THIRD WORLD Weiler 82 light red violet S, red violet F, blue violet B, HM 1987
9 THRICE BLESSED Weiler 81 yellow self, AM 1987
6 TROPICAL BLUE Spoon, D 02 white with tropical blue pumila spot pattern
7 TU TU TURQUOISE Black 89 white with turquoise

5 TWICE BLESSED Dennis 66 light yellow with white tipped beards; HM 1968, JC 1969
8 TWINKLE TWINKLE Byers 89 white with chartreuse hafts
  WEE BONNIE LASSIE Haney 96 white over yellow
5 WHAT AGAIN Ensminger 91 blue S, yellow F, blue B  AM 1996
9 WILLOMIST Weiler 83 cream and green blue with blue beards
6 WIZARD OF HOPE Chapman 01 violet over rosy tan
  WIZARD'S RETURN Tasco 99 reddish violet