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Zone Name of Iris Hybridizer Yr Description
  ALENTEJO Barlett 00 white over yellow dotted brown
9 ABBEY CHANT Sutton 98 yellow over white edged yellow
8 ANGEL HEART Aitken 96 white with orange beards, yellow washed hafts
  BLACK MAGIC Wayman 35 purple black
6 BLESSED AGAIN Jones, F 76 light yellow F, warm white F, orange beards, HM 1978
7 BLESSED ASSURANCE Zurbrigg 95 daffodil yellow
  BOUNTIFUL BLUE Hill 42 dark blue violet
  BRIGHT EYES Darby 58 lemon yellow self
  CANDY FLOSS Keppel 90 peach over yellow
9 CANDY ROCK Sutton 00 rose purple over purple

8 CHAMPAGNE ENCORE Aitken 97 white over orange
  CHERRY SUPREME Zurbrigg 76 rich red violet self, near self beards; HM 1978
8 CINNAMON FLASH Aitken 99 white over cinnamon orange
9 CONCERTINA Sutton 00 amaranth rose
8 CONCOCTION Byers 91 mauve pink flushed violet on falls
  CONSTANT COMPANION Marsh 95 red violet
8 DOUBLE YOUR FUN Aitken 00 white over yellow
  ELEANOR ROOSEVELT Sass, HP 33 deep violet red
7 ERECT Black 89 yellow, brown horns
8 EVER COOL Aitken 01 white over pale blue with yellow rim

8 FLAMBE Aitken 99 white over cinnamon orange
9 FOND REMEMBRANCE Weiler 97 dark violet self
8 GLORIOUS DAY Nichols, H 93 medium yellow with white below gold beards
9 GOOD DAY SUNSHINE Lauer 98 yellow over white
  HALLOWEEN RAINBOW Weiler 97 opalescent white
8 HI Byers 90 white S, white F faintly blushed ice blue; white B tipped yellow
6 HISSY-FIT Innerst 89 mid brown with spot on falls
6 HONEY GLAZED Niswonger 83 lemon S, amber F, light ruffled and flared, gold B; Sass Medal 1989
7 I BLESS Zurbrigg 85 lightly ruffled cream, creamy yellow beards HM 1989
  IT'S A GIGGLE Blyth 99 ochre tan over reddish burgundy

9 JOY BOAT hager 01 orange self
7 LIKE A CHARM Byers 89 light lemon yellow S, white F with bright yellow hafts, blue beards, blue violet horns
8 LOW HO SILVER Byers 89 silvery white, tan/yellow hafts, white beards tipped yellow, continuous rebloomer, AM 1994
8 MAUI MOONLIGHT Aitken 87 lightly ruffled bright lemon yellow Sass Medal 1993
6 MIDSUMMER'S NIGHT DREAM Baumunk 99 dark purple self; dark purple beards, near black, velvety
9 NECTAR Keppel 90 yellow with orange beards; AM 1995
6 O'COOL Blyth 89 white with violet crescent on falls
5 PALM SPRINGS Byers 90 violet to silver S, violet blue F
8 PINK KITTEN Wood 77 bright pink with tangerine beards, Sass Medal 1982
8 PRECIOUS LITTLE PINK Byers 95 pink over pale blue pink

9 PROMISES, PROMISES Maryott 97 bright lemon yellow
5 RHEA PEERZ Kasperek 97 cream yellow over lemon
9 RIDDLE Keppel 92 pale yellow to ivory
  SANGREAL Sass, J 35 light yellow self
9 SEASON TICKET Gatty 95 ruffled apricot yellow, flushed orange, orange red B, HM 1997
8 SIXTEEN CANDLES Byers 89 blue white and pale yellow S, med chartreuse yellow F, yellow B; HM 1991
  SMUG Blyth 99 pink over pinkish violet
5 TAWNY Pray 74 tan S edged blue-grey, blue-grey F edged tan, yellow orange B HM 1975
  TIE DYED TYKE Craig 93 light blue over medium blue
  ULTRA Sass, HP 26 deep blue self

9 VINTAGE PRESS Sutton 99 ruffled apricot
9 VIPER Sutton 99 orient pink over white
9 WINTER PEARL Sutton 01 shell pink
  WARM PUPPY Moores 99 salmon pink self