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Zone Name of Iris Hybridizer Yr Description
7 ALTAR FIRES Miller, B 90 rusty red orange
7 APRICOT FROSTY Niswonger 92 white S, deep apricot F, ruffled; AM 1996 Knowlton Medal 2000
  AUTUMN ORANGELITE Brown, GP 62 full orange self
9 BABY BENGAL Sutton, G 90 mustard yellow, washed and striped red brown, golden orange beards HM 1992
  BRIGHT AND SUNNY Roberts 00 white with yellow hafts
  BROADWAY DOLL Holk 95 old gold over white with burgundy band
9 CAMEO BLUSH Weiler 98 soft cameo piink
6 CHAMPAGNE JUNIOR Niswonger 94 lilac over creamy apricot
  COLOR BRITE Ensminger 87 pink with red splashes
9 DOUBLE UP Hager 84 lavender blue S, white F with dark blue violet

9 FAUX PAS Keppel 90 pale orange over red maroon
  FLAVOURS Blyth 97 lilac over silvery lilac
9 HEADLINE BANNER Sutton 99 white mottled lavender with lavender edge
  JAZZ STAR Wight 90 old gold over maroon white plicata
  LATE MAGIC Wight 83 pale violet over white plicata
7 LEAH TRADED Miller, B 90 ruffled orchid lavender self, yellow beard
7 LENORA PEARL Nichols 90 ruffled salmon pink, hot orange beards
8 LITTLE SUSIE Quadros 70 white S, baby ribbon pink F, tangerine pink B
6 LUCIE ANDRY Spoon, D 97 flaring, lightly ruffled white self, lavender buds; yellow beards
5 MARMALADE SKIES Niswonger 78 apricot orange, orange beards; Knowlton Medal 1984

6 MIDSUMMER'S EVE Spoon, D 99 baby ribbon pink S, lighter F are peach pink; orange beards
9 MINI CHAMPAGNE Sutton 98 white blended peach S, peach F, soft orange beards, ruffled
6 MISS SCARLET Moores 80 red self
6 MOUSE Spoon, D 97 butter yellow over same with purple spots
6 OCTOBER SPLENDOR Sides, G 97 ruffled and lightly laced pink self with tangerine beards
6 PEACH PARASOL Spoon, D 97 flared and ruffled peach bitone overlaid orchid on falls, HM 2001
6 PERSIMMON PIE Spoon, D 00 light yellow-orange self with darker B
  PETKIN Zurbrigg 69 white overlaid amethyst violet
9 PINK CADILLAC Sutton 00 pale pink with falls veined darker
  PINK PARCHMENT Bartlett 00 pink over white with orange beards

6 PINK REPRISE Moores 91 lightly ruffled peach pink, red beards
  PREPPY Vaughn 00 lavender blue plicata
6 RIELLE Spoon, D 99 white S overlaid bright yellow; white F bordered bright yellow, medium yellow B, ruffled
6 SHEBA'S FLAME Spoon, D 00 roasted tomato red with yellow glow inside the falls and yellow beards
6 SONJA'S SELAH Ensminger 89 white S; shrimp red F and B, Knowlton Medal 1997
6 SPIT FIRE Hager 92 ruffled white with tangerine-red B
5 STANZA Byers 91 white overlaid red violet, white falls dotted cinnamon at hafts, red-violet edge, orange beards, ruffled
  STRAWBERRY APRICOT Spoon 99 light pink over apricot
  ULTRA ECHO Rich 72 medium blue over medium violet
  WATERS OF MIRABA Miller, B 91 light blue over light blue veined darker
7 WHOOP 'EM UP Brady 74 golden yellow S, maroon F edged yellow, Knowlton Medal 1981